Here’s how our Head Start and ECEAP early education programs help children and families:

Child development: In addition to participating in learning activities, children receive hearing, vision and developmental screenings, assessments and follow-ups. Each classroom has skilled and trained teachers who work with parents to design individual learning plans and goals for each child.

Family support: We recognize that parents are their children’s most important teachers and we honor the culture and beliefs of each family. Teachers work with parents to help them understand how they can support and be involved in their child’s education. Family advocates also work with the entire family to identify family goals, eliminate barriers to achieving goals and provide support along the way.

Health and nutrition: We provide health education to families and help them keep their children up to date with immunizations and health exams. In class, children learn about good health habits and receive healthy meals and snacks.

Children with disabilities: We work closely with local agencies and school districts to ensure that children with identified disabilities receive additional support and/or services that they need.

Mental health: Teachers develop relationships with children and provide experiences that foster positive social and emotional development. A mental health consultant provides advice and recommendations to teachers and parents through classroom observations.

Parent involvement and Policy Council: We encourage parents to volunteer, participate, attend parent meetings, learn and grow along with their child. In addition to regular parent events, “men and child” events provide opportunities for dads, grandfathers and other significant male figures in the child’s life to participate in educational and fun activities with their child. Our Policy Council is another way for parent leaders to be involved. This group governs our programs by making recommendations on budgets, policies and program planning, as well as approving grant applications, service plans and staff hiring.