Everyone deserves safe shelter

A comfortable and safe place to live.  It’s something most of us take for granted.  But the truth is, many of us know someone who might someday need shelter from one of life’s storms, big or small.

Rural Resources is here to help with many housing and home maintenance needs. And if we don’t have the specific program or service that can help someone weather their storms, we can guide them to the place that can. We are committed to ensuring that all residents of Northeast Washington have a safe, reliable and affordable place to live.  To that end, we provide:

  • Emergency shelter and transitional housing for the homeless, including victims of domestic violence
  • Affordable rental housing for low-income, elderly and disabled individuals and families and rental assistance for those struggling to pay monthly rents
  • No-cost repairs and improvements aimed at making your home more energy efficient through weatherization
  • Assistance in paying monthly energy bills
  • No-interest and low-interest loans for home repairs for low-income homeowners
  • Resources and tips for buying and maintaining your very first home