Let's keep this website up to date!

Hi there! It's Larah at Mindmeld Creative. Websites are dynamic documents that have to change with the organization. Use these tools to keep the website up to date.

Your entries will not be published right away. Larah will get an email notification that you've made these changes and will review them before making them live. She'll email you if she has any questions.

Create a New Division/Department

The information you submit on this form will build your Department's page on the website. You only need to complete this form once. 

After you create the new division/department, you'll be able to select it on the program's pages.

Add new locations

I only need the location information entered once.

After the location is added, you'll be able to select it from the Programs page under the question "at what locations is this program offered"?

Add programs/Services

The website has a separate page for every program or service offered at Rural Resources. The intention is to make it much, much easier for site visitors to find the things Rural Resources can do for them.

This form will collect all of the information for one program. You'll then be able to add another program...and another...until you are done.

Questions? Just Ask. That's what i'm here for.

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