Early Childhood Education

Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD)

Access to Baby & Child Dentistry is a program of dental care for Medicaid-enrolled children. This program helps families find child-friendly, ABCD-trained dentists in a practice or clinic in the family’s community. The child is seen as early as their first tooth or first birthday.

This kind of dental care will help each child get off to a great start in life by making sure all their baby teeth are healthy in addition to helping make going to the dentist easier and a regular part of the child’s life. The child receives dental check-ups two times each year, fluoride treatments every four months, family education two times each year and treatments as needed.

Who qualifies for these services?

Medicaid-enrolled children, birth through age five.


Important note about qualifiying for services: The qualifications listed here are a general indication of who will qualify for these services. If you need these services but aren't sure if you fit the qualifications listed, please contact our offices. We will work with you to find the services to fit your needs.

Populations Served by Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD)

Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD) Client Stories

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