Employment and Training

Work = stability and self sufficiency for families

A good job is the first step to helping people move from poverty to economic stability. At Rural Resources, we train job seekers to join the workforce and then help them find and keep good jobs. Working hand-in-hand with other partner agencies in the Workforce Development Council, we can link workers with training, resources and support to launch them into full-time living wage jobs through:

Vocational training: Learn specific skills in an institutional setting that leads to a degree or a recognized credential

Work experience: Temporary employment and literacy opportunities for individuals with little or no work history and who also want to learn basic skills and positive work habits.

On-the-Job-Training: Learn an occupation while working. Employers are reimbursed for the extraordinary cost of training an individual to learn the job. Individuals earn a wage while in training.

Supportive services: Resources to eliminate barriers to employment and literacy including assistance for clothes, tools, gas, etc.

Youth services: Help for teens to improve educational achievement, enhance employment and literacy skills, gain work experience, and improve study skills.

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Director: Kelly Charlton

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