Community Living Connections

Caregiver Coffee & Support Groups

These groups are a safe place to meet for people who are taking care of a family member. It is a place to talk about the joys and frustrations that come with providing care for a loved one. It is a judgment-free environment to get support, find resources and new ideas. Coffee and food are provided.

Groups are held twice a month and are located in Pullman, Colfax and Malden. All unpaid caregivers are welcome to attend.

Who qualifies for these services?

Any caregiver providing unpaid care to a relative, friend or neighbor on an unpaid basis

Important note about qualifiying for services: The qualifications listed here are a general indication of who will qualify for these services. If you need these services but aren't sure if you fit the qualifications listed, please contact our offices. We will work with you to find the services to fit your needs.

Populations Served by Caregiver Coffee & Support Groups

Caregiver Coffee & Support Groups Client Stories

We haven't posted any stories about this program yet. Stay tuned though.