Victim Services

Tribal Program

The Tribal Program seeks to provide community-based advocacy and violence, abuse, and crime prevention programming in a culturally responsive manner to Indigenous survivors, Descendants, and their families. The Tribal Program building, located in Inchelium on the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, is named snx̌əstwilxtn, which translates to “the place where you heal yourself”.

If you or a loved one are experiencing harm or would like to begin healing from past harm, our Tribal Advocates, Cultural Wellness Facilitator, and Community Engagement Facilitators are here to help.

Who qualifies for these services?

No income eligibility requirements. All people ages 13 and older are eligible for services without parent/guardian permission. Indigenous peoples, Descendants, and local community members are encouraged to reach out.


Important note about qualifiying for services: The qualifications listed here are a general indication of who will qualify for these services. If you need these services but aren't sure if you fit the qualifications listed, please contact our offices. We will work with you to find the services to fit your needs.

Tribal Program Client Stories

We haven't posted any stories about this program yet. Stay tuned though.